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Mindful Chef

Enhancing Quality

We enlisted the expertise of Tandem8 to develop and implement an affiliate strategy centered around attracting valuable traffic for our premium meal boxes. Our aim was to distance ourselves from discounting heavily and instead, focus on a more targeted approach going after the highest quality customers with bigger ROI.

Tandem8 devised a comprehensive strategy that not only engaged highly targeted niche affiliates but also expanded our program by utilising editorial content and exclusive employee reward platforms. This approach allowed us to connect with audiences that remain beyond the reach of conventional digital channels.

Continuing to employ this successful strategy, Tandem8 diligently recruits and bolsters the program. It's been a pleasure working with them, and they are extremely responsive and adaptable in line with the overall business strategy.

The program's growth persists, generating high-quality sales through the involvement of targeted affiliates. We are more than happy with the management of our program, and we look forward to expanding the channel even further with Tandem8.

Ishan Markanday
Digital Acquisition Manager at Mindful Chef

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