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Specialist Affiliate Marketing Agency

Are you an agency not yet offering your clients affiliate?  We are here to help you fill that skill gap. Increase client sales and make money at the same time! Take a look at the services we can offer you.


Worldwide Exposure

We manage programs all over the world from the UK & Europe to the Far East and the US. If you want to expand your markets, we have the experience to do it!

What we do

Tandem8 offers agencies highly effective affiliate marketing solutions that will help drive incremental client sales and increase agency revenues.

Who we are

Tandem8 have over 15 years of affiliate marketing experience. Over the years we have successfully launched 100’s of affiliate programs.

What we offer

We work closely with the client and agency to come up with an effective optimised affiliate strategy that will thrive and grow.

Get In Touch

We are always happy to talk about anything affiliates. Feel free to get in touch and discuss how we could manage your program effectively to help your brand grow and drive incremental business within the affiliate channel.