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Enhancing and Expanding Our Program for Incremental Sales Growth

In our pursuit of optimising our UK affiliate program for increased sales, we engaged the expertise of Tandem8. Our primary objective was to amplify the program's ability to generate higher incremental sales while eliminating inefficiencies stemming from duplicated sales across various digital marketing channels.
Tandem8 formulated a tailored strategy that precisely aligned with our goals, drawing from various data sources and their own extensive understanding of the affiliate landscape. I've been genuinely impressed by the speed and efficacy with which Tadem8 identified and removed low-quality traffic and affiliates. Simultaneously, they strategically recruited high-caliber affiliates with strong intent, resulting in higher incremental sales.

Their bespoke recruitment approach spanned an array of affiliate categories, from closed groups to editorial affiliates, effectively broadening the reach of the Grenade.com brand to previously untapped audiences. As a result, we now boast a robust and ever-expanding affiliate program that not only bolsters our sales but also enables Grenade to engage fresh segments of the market.
Tandem8 demonstrates a great understanding of affiliate program management, ensuring that the program incentivises the correct behaviors and functions as a pivotal channel for driving sales and brand value. Appreciation goes out to the team for their outstanding work.
Cameron Goldie
Head of E-Commerce - Grenade.com

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