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Developing Our Program in the Right Way!

For several years, we have collaborated with Tandem8 for our affiliate program, and we are extremely satisfied with their impressive performance and approach. When we approached Tadem8 to take over the program, it required some attention. We entrusted them with the task of optimising the program to generate higher-quality traffic and increased sales.

Tandem8 took the initiative to create a tailored strategy that aligned perfectly with our requirements. Their recruitment approach focused on bringing in top-tier editorial partners and exclusive closed network groups, which expanded our brand's reach to new audiences. Additionally, they established swift responsiveness for promoting time-limited snap offers, achieved through striking relationships with influential social and deal forums. A comprehensive program audit was conducted, resulting in the removal of lower-quality affiliates. Consequently, the program shifted from a more discount lead program to a more content / closed group based one.

Our program is now growing and in the right way, choosing and optimising quality affiliates and working more closely with our top affiliates to maximise growth.

We are very pleased with the work Tandem8 are doing with our program, recognising the affiliate channel as a pivotal area for our future growth.

Jay Hooper
Digital Marketing & UX Manager - Poundland.co.uk

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