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Are you an agency not yet offering your clients affiliate?  We are here to help you fill that skill gap. Increase client sales and make money at the same time! Take a look at the services we can offer you.

Outsource with Confidence

We have over 35 years of affiliate marketing experience and are hugely successful in growing affiliate programs based on your client’s needs.

Worldwide Exposure

We manage programs all over the world from the UK & Europe to the Far East and the US. If you want to expand your markets, we have the experience to do it!

The role of an affiliate marketing manager

Definition - "A person who takes responsibility for managing an affiliate program for a chosen brand"

You may be asking yourself what an affiliate manager does and why do I need to work with one. Affiliate management is a time-consuming task and one that a lot of brands new to the channel don’t have a lot of experience in. An experienced affiliate marketing manager will bring a host of benefits such as contacts, affiliate understanding, where best to promote brands, optimisation of a program, best ways in communicating offers and so much more.

Typical day to day duties of an affiliate manager would include:

•    Recruit new affiliates

•    Develop a strategy for the program based on the brands needs

•    Optimise the brand on affiliate sites

•    Providing guidance on marketing material

•    Reporting

•    Answering all communications

•    Competitor research

Affiliate managers could be one of the company’s own employees or they could outsource affiliate management to a specialist consultant or agencies.

The role of the affiliate manager

Outsourcing your affiliate management could benefit a business in many ways. You would instantly get access to an experienced affiliate manager. The business is most likely to save you money as the direct cost of employing an affiliate manager would be far greater.

A good, outsourced affiliate manager should as standard, grow the brands affiliate program, they should also be pro-active. Presenting new opportunities on a regular basis, keeping an eye on competitor activity, proactively talking to your key affiliates on a weekly basis, and optimising the brand as much as possible. As an experience affiliate manager, they should be able to quickly form a bespoke growth strategy for the program whatever the niche. They will already have a huge amount of data, niche knowledge and competitor information at their fingertips, allowing them to execute strategy and grow a program from early on.



If you want to talk more about affiliate management or need further information, please get in touch by using our contact form.